The journey so far…

Most people who blog about surrogacy, it seems, start at the beginning of the journey.  They write about agency applications, searching for a match, first contact, and then being “officially matched”.  Next come screenings and contracts, followed by appointments and calendars.  After that there’s the excitement (and usually photos) of that big ol’ box of meds and needles arriving, plus all the stuff that accompanies it–like having to actually stick said needles in your body once, twice, and sometimes thrice daily.  Next there’s more appointments, followed by the egg retrieval, fertilization reports, PGD results (sometimes), and then OMG IT’S FINALLY TRANSFER DAY!!!

Not me.

For one thing, I was afraid of making any premature announcements.  So often on the surrogacy message board I frequent ( SMO, a fantastic resource for anyone considering surrogacy), you see people announce their match only to have it fall through during further discussions or contracts.  While there’s nothing wrong with that (ending a match is way better than having a bad one), I didn’t want to worry about the potential drama that could accompany posting about a breakup.  I was also concerned about it falling through in other ways–the clinic suddenly deciding our GS was no longer a good candidate, the donor not responding well, or one of the many additional things that can go wrong.

Above all, though–I didn’t really have anything I felt worth reporting.  After all, a blog with 1 sentence updates or no updates isn’t very interesting.  Since my eggs weren’t going to be used, I wasn’t going to be on any injectables.  That also meant I wasn’t having any appointments, so the clinic didn’t need to be in constant contact with me.  I suppose I could have started writing on transfer day, but I wasn’t at home, with my regular computer.  Fellow bloggers know these things are tricky to set up–especially for those of us who aren’t the most technically savvy individuals.

Suffice it to say that we matched with our GS through a great agency, used another agency to find an egg donor that met our requirements, and the clinic approved of everyone.  Both the donor and GS responded wonderfully to their protocols, and according to the RE the transfer of 2 PGD blasts went perfectly.  There were also quite a few 5-day and 6-day embryos frozen, just in case.

And since tax returns are due today (even though I’m no longer employed by an accounting firm I still had to do returns for us, my brother, and handle the extensions for my grandfather, his trust, and estate), I really didn’t have the time and energy to start messing with this blogging stuff until last night.  Plus, our first beta is being drawn today–so I needed something to take my mind off the anticipation.  Although, given the pic our GS sent us Saturday morning, I have a pretty good feeling that we’ll get decent numbers this afternoon…


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