Ultrasound #3…

Since the pictures from the 3rd ultrasound arrived in the mail yesterday, I figured that I should probably write about it while it’s on my mind. 😉

The appointment was on May 31st, and the last one at Dr. K’s office.  It was also the first one I didn’t attend, even though I really wanted to.  Surrogacy is an expensive process, though, and we’re being as responsible as we can with our funds–especially since we’re expecting twins–which means we have to pick and choose which appointments I travel to make.

However, I was able to listen in because Dr. K called me right before getting started.  He announced that the babies looked fantastic and healthy, and that their development was great.  In fact, each of them were showing off in a different way.  Baby A was demonstrating some dancing skills and wiggling all over (our GS noted that she felt it, and had actually started feeling movement for the first time the night before).  Baby B decided to wave for the camera, so one of the pictures focused on the head and arm–it’s amazing how much detail is shown, especially for how small they are.

As always, the sound of their heartbeats made me both giddy and a little weak (in a good way :)).  Since I’m not able to feel the babies myself or experience any of the pregnancy symptoms, that sound is the most tangible connection I have with them.  Hearing their hearts beating away is proof that they exist for real, and not just in my dreams.  I have to say, though, that if I already feel like I’m going to melt just at the sound of heartbeats, I’m probably going to need some kind of physical support (like a chair or wall) in the delivery room when they actually arrive!

Stats at 10weeks, 3 days:

Baby A measured at 10w6d (3 days ahead), CRL 35.5mm, and heart rate was 175bpm

Baby B measured at 11w1d (5 days ahead!), CRL 39mm, and heart rate was 171bpm.

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  1. Hemal Mehta

     /  June 12, 2012


    I arrived here from your signature on SMO message board. I am in Sunnyvale and would love to talk to you and meet up , maybe we can start our own meet up group….


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